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Phlebotomy Training can lead to a great career as a phlebotomist. Congratulations on your decision!

A career in phlebotomy is a great choice and one that is currently in high demand. With the proper phlebotomy training and skills you will be on the path to a rewarding career.

Each state has its own requirements for phlebotomists. Please see below to find your state requirements and information:

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What’s Phlebotomy?

By definition, phlebotomy is the surgical act of withdrawing blood from a vein. In the medical field this often the act of withdrawing blood for the means of storage, testing or treatment.

Phlebotomy Job Description

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A typical phlebotomy job varies from employer to employer. Tasks and job description for a phlebotomist may be specific to that specific lab, company or hospital. Typical job requirements include:

  • Preparation of blood, urine and other bodily substance
  • Proper documentation of all activity through charting and paperwork
  • Collection of specimens through proper procedures
  • Basic clerical duties such as answering phones and providing customer service
  • Reporting of patent behavior or problems
  • Maintain laboratory equipment and area cleanliness
  • Disposal of contaminated items

Each job is unique. Some jobs are more of a laboratory position that may require more technical training and handling experience. Some jobs maybe more of a managerial role where supervision of others and scheduling are common.

Phlebotomy Training Requirements

Phlebotomy training varies in each state and in some cases for each employer. It is important to make sure that your training and eventual examination is approved in your state and for your employer. In some states the phlebotomy training course you choose must be a state certified program.  Often, the program you choose will require that you at a minimum have a high school diploma or GED. You may also be required to pass a drug test and authorize a background check. If you are doing an externship, you may be required to get tested for TB.

Over time the requirements for an approved course change. It is important that you make sure your phlebotomy training meets these requirements before and during employment.

Phlebotomy Training California

Phlebotomy Training in California is among the most rigorous of all states. This is due to several laws that require that you complete a certain number of training hours as well as pass an approved examination. There are three levels of certification in the State of California that fit your experience. Depending on your experience level, you may have to complete clinical hours where you will gain live experience performing venipunctures, skin punctures and arterial punctures. Upon completion of your phlebotomy training and passing of your examination, you will need to get your license. This requires that you submit all necessary paperwork to the state and pay the fees required. The state will review your application and send your license to confirm your status.

Phlebotomy Programs by City:

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Phlebotomy Training Online

Some states allow for online phlebotomy training. Online training typically involves videos, assignments and an online exam. Some online courses require an onsite portion to complete the course.

Accreditation of the online school is quite important. Your online course may be approved by the National Healthcareer Association. If approved, you can sit for the National Phlebotomy Certification exam. A school also can be required to be approved at the state level. It is always best to request accreditation before starting your phlebotomy training online.

Phlebotomy JobsPhlebotomy Training Skin Puncture

As mentioned, there is a great need for phlebotomists at this time. The level of employment will vary depending on what suits your needs. There are per diem jobs that are the equivalent to a part-time position. As a per diem employee you are not guaranteed a number of hours unless specifically written in your contract. Your employer also is not obligated to award you health insurance. Your number of hours would not meet the minimum. There are plenty of full-time phlebotomy jobs out there as well. Phlebotomy jobs are plentiful and can be found in labs, hospital and various other employers