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    1-methylnaphthalene: colorless oily liquid. There is a similar smell of naphthalene. Volatile with steam.
    Preparation of 1-methylnaphthalene:
    Distillate oil fractions were cut from 240 ~ 245 ° C methylnaphthalene distillate cut, methylnaphthalene distillate cold to -20 ° C, the crude crude 2-methylnaphthalene was isolated, the resulting mother liquor was used to extract 1 – methylnaphthalene . After 95% to 98% of the concentrated sulfuric acid was sulfonated in the mother liquor, the non-sulfated oil was separated and diluted with water to precipitate 1-methylnaphthalene sulfonic acid crystal at 10 ° C. After the crystallization filtration, the supernatant steam is hydrolyzed at 125-150 ° C to remove the aqueous layer to obtain industrial pure 1-methylnaphthalene with a purity of 85-90%. Industrial pure 1 – methylnaphthalene repeated sulfonation, hydrolysis 2 or 3 times, can be obtained with purity greater than 98% 1 – methylnaphthalene.
    1-methylnaphthalene application:
    For vinyl chloride fiber and polyester printing and dyeing carrier surfactant, heat carrier, pharmaceutical intermediates, sulfur extractant, can be used to produce plasticizers, fiber auxiliaries. Can also be used as diesel cetane number determination of pesticides pesticides, anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide production solvent. Can also be used to produce plant growth regulator 1- naphthalene acetic acid.
    The package of all our chemical products reaching up to the industry standard, we usually use kraft drums or woven bags for our powder state products.
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