Four Tips To Getting Hired

Boost Your Chances of Getting a Job

Getting a job these days is very competitive. You need to do what you can to make your self standout as you try to get hired. Take the time to follow someone the tips below to increase your chances of getting hired.

1.) Meet the Prerequisites

Most job advertisements will have some kind of minimum requirements. These are also known as prerequisites for the job. These represent the minimum qualifications that an applicant needs to have to do the job effectively. It safe to say that if you don’t meet most of these you won’t get hired. In fact you should meet all of these requirements.

A job posting may also have an area called “desired qualifications”. This is an important area to pay attention to when you consider applying to the job. There is a good chance there are many people applying to this job. There is also a good chance one of those people not only meets the minimum requirements but also the desired qualifications. You need to go out of your way on your application or resume to make sure the hiring manager understands you meet these desired qualifications too.

2.) Know The Employer

Some people will just apply to any job that is available. You may think that the more applications that are submitted, the better chance you have of getting one of them. Surely one of these applications will get me a call back right? That is not always a great strategy. You instead should focus your efforts and energy on targeting the right employers for you. Choose the clinics, hospitals and labs that hire employees with your set of skills and mindset. If you don’t have the experience to work in the ER at a hospital then don’t even apply. Focus your efforts on opportunities that will yield the highest chances of you getting hired. Spend your time refining your resume and coverletters to those employers you are really suited to work for.

3.) Appearance is Everything

If you are lucky enough to get a call back from one of your applications, then congratulations. The next step may be a phone interview or an in person interview. When you get to the in person interview you have a fantastic opportunity to meet a hiring manager in person. This is your chance to sell this person that your are the right person for the job. Your appearance is the first thing most people will notice. It could also be the number one reason you don’t get the job. You will want to dress up for the interview. It is always better to be over dressed than under dressed. Get rid of any excessive jewelry and cover up any tattoos you can with your attire.

4.) Followup

After an interview, make sure to send a thank you email or letter to the person you interviewed with. This is a courteous move that may make you look more professional and qualified than other applicants. At the least it will make the hiring manager remember you as they decide who to hire. For some employers it is an expected move by the people they hire.

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