Keys to a Good Interview

Interview Tips to Success

So you have completed some kind of phlebotomy training. Congratulations! So you applied to several jobs and just got a call back. Congratulations! If you are in that situation or have any interview coming up, you are going to want to pay attention to these tips and potential questions.

Show up early!

It is important to show up early to a job interview. As the common saying goes: “if you are early, you are on time; if you are on time, you are late; and if you are late, don’t bother showing up.” If your interview is at 2:00PM and you show up exactly at 2:00PM then that is the bare minimum. If you want the job then you are going to have to go above and beyond. That means showing up 5 to 10 minutes early. If you show up to early then the interviewer may not be ready and your presence in the reception area may become annoying. As you sit in the waiting room, make sure to read any publications on the company that may be laying around. If there is not anything to read, then you may want to make ca

Bring a Notepad or Portfolio

Padfolio Example
Padfolio Example for Your Interview

During your interview, there may be a few times that will need to write something down. Make sure to bring a notepad and a pen! If you have a nice padfolio (leather wrapped notepad holder) it would be preferred. There are going to be parts of the interview where the interviewer will say something that they feel is important for you to know: company culture, work schedule, hiring processes, etc. You want to write these down for your own benefit. You also want the interviewer to know you care by writing what they say down.

Practice Questions Ahead of Time

There are several regular questions that you can expect to hear in an interview. Know that anything you put on your resume and application will be open to further questioning. You will need to elaborate about past experience (even if it is not health care related) to help the interviewer understand you fully. Expect to hear a question about a time when you had a tough situation at work and how you were able to fix it. Don’t be afraid to study these potential questions and your answers like you would a test or a speech.




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