Phlebotomy Training in Albany NY

How to Get Phlebotomy Training in Albany NY

Where do you go to get phlebotomy training in Albany NY? Do you need to get trained to become a phlebotomist in New York? These are questions that you are probably wondering as you consider a new career. The second question can be answered with a simple no. There is not a requirement to get licensed as a phlebotomist or get certification to practice phlebotomy. That does not mean it is not a good idea to learn the job. Training programs can give students the hands on skills as well as the medical knowledge to be successful. Not all programs are equal and some may do a better job than others preparing you to become a phlebotomist. Evaluate the options below for training and call each program directly. Learn if it is a good fit for you financially and schedule wise.

The first question is bested answered by letting you know there are a limited amount of options for phlebotomy training in Albany NY. You may need to drive to nearby cities to have more alternatives. Each program has a unique set of staff and program structure but they are all similar in substance. One item that is good to look for is an externship. An externship is a short term learning program at hospitals and clinics nearby

Bryant & Stratton College

Locations of Places to Get Phlebotomy Training in Albany NY
Location of the schools for classes in the area

1 Winners Circle
Colonie, NY 12205

At Bryant & Stratton College you can get a phlebotomy and EKG certification. The phlebotomy part of the program is 85 hours in length. It has a 40 hour externship as well. The phlebotomy training takes about a month to complete. It is not mandatory to also do the EKG technician program but it also only takes a month to complete..If you want both certification you can also do an EKG 85 hour part of the program for classroom learning and laboratory study. There is also an EKG 40 hour externship to get hands on experience.

Getting Certified

After finishing phlebotomy training in Albany NY certification should be a priority.This means when you get done with training you are going to want to take a certifying examination. This exam may be offered at your school saving time and research. The certifying agency may also have to verify that you have completed the minimum number of venipunctures and other draws successfully during training.

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