Phlebotomy Training in Bend Oregon

Where to Find Phlebotomy Training in Bend Oregon

There are is no current state requirement for phlebotomy training in Oregon. It is recommended that you complete phlebotomy training in Bend Oregon in order to get hired. Jobs in hospitals, laboratories and clinics can be competitive. Take a phlebotomy training course to give yourself the best chance at landing one one of those positions. It is often a good idea to ask a potential employer what they are looking for in a potential hire. Find out what programs for phlebotomy training will meet their requirements.

Programs for Phlebotomy Training

Map of Phlebotomy Training Programs in Bend Oregon
Phlebotomy Training in Bend Oregon

There is only one program currently offering phlebotomy training in Bend Oregon. Those seeking alternatives may consider phlebotomy training online. Online programs will only be able to teach students lecture formats. Online topics will include medical technology and anatomy topics. Clinical or externships are recommended along with online programs to get a full education background for a phlebotomist job.

Oregon Medical Training

960 SW Disk Drive Suite 102
Bend, Oregon 97702

One option for phlebotomy training in Bend Oregon is through Oregon Medical Training. This training program is offered in both Eugene and Bend. Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6PM to 9PM. The program takes about 11 weeks to complete all of the training.  This program allows you to take the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) examination and in some cases the ASCP examination.The structure of the course allows for training time to be split between lectures and clinical practice.  There may be an opportunity to get an internship if one is available. The total cost of the program is $1900. This amount includes a $150 supply fee and $100 registration fee as well as the $1650 tuition cost. There are several flexible payment plans that can help with paying the total cost. The cost is non refundable after five days of enrolling. You will also be required to purchase the textbooks that accompany the course separate from the program fees. There is also the opportunity to take the EKG course through the training center in Springfield.

This phlebotomy training program takes about 10 weeks. There are also internships available on a limited basis. These internships are available only when openings exist at local hospitals and clinics. Doing an internship may add several more weeks onto your training program. Overall space in the program is limited to the first twenty students who sign up.

Considerations for Phlebotomy Training

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right phlebotomy training program. The most important is the structure of the course. It is important to note that the program offered through Oregon Medical Training does not offer an internship automatically to it’s students. These internships are only available on a limited basis. Students not receiving an internship may not be as prepared to start a job as a phlebotomist. Not completing an internship does not mean that a student won’t be successful. It may just take more time to become familiar with a real world medical environment. Cost is also an important factor. The cost of programs can vary greatly. Online training may be cheaper. This does not mean they will better prepare a student to be a phlebotomist. hands on training is quite important. Take a look at all of these considerations before choosing a program for phlebotomy training in Bend Oregon

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