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There are several options for phlebotomy training in Denver. There are many schools that offer training and a few that offer phlebotomy training for those students willing to drive to Colorado Springs. There are currently no state requirements to get phlebotomy training but it is a good idea to complete training if new to the healthcare field. Phlebotomy training may also be beneficial for current health care workers who serve in an administrative role.

Programs Available

Phlebotomy Training in Denver
Map of Program Sites for Phlebotomy Training in Denver

There are several programs for phlebotomy training in Denver that are available. There may be other programs located in Colorado Springs for those willing to make the drive. There are many aspects of each program to consider. Some programs may cost more than others. Some programs may have an externship and other will not. There are several programs that offer flexible schedules for those working during the day or at night. It is usually a good idea to enroll in a program that has an externship component as it is also good to put on your resume. Below are the average amounts of time / weeks to complete training, average cost of each program and general requirements to enroll in training.

  • Average Cost: $1500
  • Average Length: 12 weeks

Arapahoe Community College

5900 South Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, Colorado 80120-1801

Cost: $1260
Length: 12 Weeks

This phlebotomy certificate program is taught at Arapahoe Community College. This community college offers the certificate program in a 12 week format. The classes meet on Tuesday and Thursdays currently from 5-8PM. The total course is eight credits in length. The eight credits are made up of two courses. The first is basic phlebotomy and the second is advanced phlebotomy. It also requires that students complete 120 hours of externship training at a hospital or clinic. There is a limit of 20 students for the program at any given time. The total cost of the program is about $1,200 for tuition and fees. There is additional $45 cost for textbooks and $15 for graduation fees.

The requirements for the program include applying to Arapahoe Community College. This is an easy process that requires a simple online form. You will start by filling signing up on the applicant list that is formed each semester by calling the program coordinator at 303.797.5796. The deadline to be placed on the applicant list for Fall 2014 is May 31, 2014. About 2 months ahead of classes beginning the phlebotomy program coordinator will send you an application. You will then return the application to the coordinator. They will call you for an interview thereafter. Once accepted, you will have to pay for your classes and complete a criminal background check.

Emily Griffith Technical College

1250 Welton Street
Denver, CO 80204

Length: 6 Weeks

Another option to get trained as a phlebotomist in Denver is to complete the phlebotomy program through Emily Griffith Technical College. This program cost is $924 and includes the tuition cost of $670, the background check fee of $59, the examination fee for $105, textbooks for $70 and $20 for a TB test. Scrubs are another added cost if students do not already have them. It takes about six weeks to completed the entire program and is about 109 hours in length. Classes are taught at night Monday through Thursday from 5:00PM to 9:00PM.

There are a number of requirements that must be met before starting the program. This includes having a high school diploma or GED and having a CPR certification card from the American Heart Association. There is also a requirement to have TB test completed and a background check performed. There are several vaccines that students must have completed in order to enroll. Students must fill out an application and complete a reading / dexterity test. Students are expected to wear scrubs after the first class. The class is made up of two classes. The first is the phlebotomy basics class and the second is the phlebotomy clinical section. The program prepares students to sit for the National Healthcare Association exam for those interested in getting certified.

The steps you need to follow to get started with this program:

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Complete a reading and dexterity test with a minimum score of a ten on the reading portion
  3. Register for the two phlebotomy classes
  4. Get a AHA BLS CPR card, obtain all necessary immunizations, complete a background check and provide proof of a negative TB test
  5. Prepare for classes including getting all supplies, a school ID card and classroom textbook.

Phlebotomy Learning Center of Denver

1780 S. Bellaire St., Suite 780
Denver, CO 80222

Length: 11-12 weeks
Cost: $1595

A class for phlebotomy training in Denver is taught by the Phlebotomy Learning Center of Denver. This program takes about 11 to 12 weeks to complete. It involves one 4.5 hour class each week and a 40 to 80 hour externship to be completed near the end of the training program. The one day a week class can be completed at night or on the weekends depending on the school schedule. The externship part of the class cannot be taken at night or on weekends and is only offered during the weekdays. The program prepares students to take the examination provided through ASPT (American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians). Program requirements consist of have a high school diploma or GED. Students must have a recent TB test completed showing a negative result. Students must have all immunizations up to date before enrolling in the class. There is also a background check required by some hospitals as part of the externship part of the course.

Pima Medical Institute

7475 Dakin Street
Denver, CO 80221

Cost: $3,871
Length 12 weeks (300 hours)

There is a Pima Medical Institute that has a location in Denver. Phlebotomy training in Denver can be completed in a 300 hour format. This format includes 70 hours of classroom training and 708 hours of lab/ clinical instruction. There is also a 160 hour externship that has to be done through a local clinical or hospital. The total length of the program is about three months or 12 weeks to finish. Students must finish a total of six classes to complete the program. The first is a study skills class and the second is a CPR class. The third is an anatomy/ physiology class along with a laboratory and communication class. The last in class portion is dedicated to just phlebotomy. The last class is an externship class that involves going to an off site location to get on the job training experience

Stillwater College

4155 E Jewell Ave #405
Denver, CO 80222

Cost: $1,200
Length: 3 months (12 weeks)

There are three different times that classes are offered. There is the night session that goes from 4PM to 9PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are day classes that are taught from 9AM to 2PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are also weekend classes that are taught on Saturdays from 9AM to 3PM. This is a program that takes three months or 12 weeks. There are also classes and programs for students that want to become trained as a medical assistant or an EKG technician. The tuition for the program costs $1,200. There also may be additional fees for books, uniforms and examinations. Morning and evening classes start next August 11, 2014. Weekend classes start next on September 6, 2014.

Red Rocks Community College

5420 Miller Street
Arvada, CO 80002

Cost: $1,264
Length: 20 weeks (two semesters)

An option for those living northwest of Denver is the phlebotomy training offered through Red Rocks Community College. This program takes about 20 weeks to completed over two semesters. The first semester is made up of the theory class and the second semester is made up of the clinical internship that last 135 hours over four weeks. This program for phlebotomy training in Denver is a total of seven units in length. The theory class is three units and the clinical internship is three units. The times for the theory class will vary and the internship is only available during the day. The program costs $1264 and includes tuition, books, uniform, a background check fee and the examination fee. It may cost more for out of state students. The examination is offered by American Medical Technologists.

Students must fill out an application through the school to enroll. There is also a separate phlebotomy application that must be signed and filled out. The school requires that English prerequisites be completed before starting the program. Students must pass a background check and have a doctor sign off on a health evaluation prior to starting the internship. Each semester only 18 students are allowed into the program at a time. The next phlebotomy class begins on August 9, 2014 and runs through December 9, 2014. Applications are welcome through June 1, 2014. This class is taught Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30PM to 4:15PM.

APLMED Academy

10730 E. Bethany Drive #355
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 752 0000

There is another option for phlebotomy classes in the Denver area right near Aurora. This school is located in the Aurora area. Classes are offered in several different schedules. You can take the Saturday or Sunday classes from 9:00AM to 2:00PM. There is also a class from 5PM to 9PM on Tuesday and Thursdays. The nighttime classes are approximately 5 weeks in length. The total cost of this program is $1,175. The classes may be paid for over the course of four payments. The requirements to start the classes include a copy of high school diploma, GED or college transcripts. You also must have a government issued ID and a social security card. Prospective students must have all of their immunizations up to date. This includes having Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella Titer and Flu vaccines. Proof of a negative TB test is also required.

Choose a Program

Compare Phlebotomy Training in Denver Colorado
Programs: Arapahoe CC Emily Griffith Technical College Phlebotomy Learning Center of Denver Pima Medical Institute Stillwater College Red Rock CC
Cost: $1,260 $924 $1,595 $3,871 $1,200 $1,264
Length: 12 Weeks 6 Weeks 12 Weeks 12 Weeks 12 Weeks 20 Weeks
Externship: Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes
Note: Program structure, offerings and requirements may be different than what is shown on this page. Please contact us if changes need to be made.

There are many programs that offer phlebotomy training in Denver.  Students need to look at the cost of the program and the length of the program. The location and the schedule of the program is also important. A program that has an externship or an internship is good for those starting out in the healthcare field. Take a look at all of these factors before making a decision.

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