Phlebotomy Training in Greensboro NC

Phlebotomy Training in Greensboro NC

There are many programs that teach phlebotomy training in Greensboro NC. It’s important to note there is no requirement in North Carolina to get formal training to become a phlebotomist. One reason to get phlebotomy training is to better your chances of landing a job. There are still plenty of jobs for phlebotomists available. However it has become more difficult for people to get hired without training or experience. The right phlebotomy classes in Greensboro NC can provided the skills and experience through externships to be successful in getting a job.

Available Programs

Map of Programs for phlebotomy training in Greensboro NC
There are several training programs in or near Greensboro NC

There are a few options for phlebotomy training in Greensboro NC that are either within the city or nearby. Some driving may be required. Each program will have it’s advantages. Some offer an externship/ clinical training for additional experience. Some programs are cheaper than others. Other programs are longer in length than others. Expect the average class to take about four to 16 weeks to complete. There avareage cost for classes is about $1,200 and varies depending on textbooks, supplies, tuition and fees.

Comparison of Phlebotomy Classes in Greensboro NC
Programs: The College of Davidson and Davie Counties

North Carolina A&T State University

Priority Nursing Academy

Carolina Allied Health Training LLC

Cost: $1,100 $1,599 $1,200 $990
Length: 16 Weeks

90 Hours


4 Weeks

Externship: N/A No N/A Yes
Diploma/GED Yes Yes N/A Yes
18 Years N/A N/A N/A N/A
Note: The program structure, course offerings and requirements may be different than what is shown on this page. Please contact us if changes need to be made.

The College of Davidson and Davie Counties

Davidson Campus, 297 DCCC Road
Thomasville, NC 27360

  • Cost: $1,100
  • Length: 16 weeks

The first college offering training nearby Greensboro is the College of Davidson and Davie Counties. This program takes about 16 weeks to complete. The first eight weeks of the program are dedicated to the classroom portion of the program. The last eight weeks are dedicated to the clinical portion. The classroom portion is made up of three individual sections that are typically taught from 9:30AM to 1:50PM. The clinical portion is taught Monday through Thursday from 6:00AM to 2:30PM.

The program is limited to 16 students each semester. This program for phlebotomy training in Greensboro NC is offered in both the spring and the fall. To enroll in the program students must first fill out an application. Student must have a high school diploma or GED. You must meet the minimum test standards for reading, writing and math. All students enrolling must complete a background check and drug test. The cost of the program is $1,101 for tuition, fees and books.

North Carolina A&T State University

1601 East Market Street
Wendover Building, Suite 109
Greensboro, NC 27411

  • Cost: $1,599
  • Length: 90 Hours

Students looking for another options for phlebotomy training can find it through North Carolina A&T State University. The total length of the program is about 90 Hours. In the past it has been offered Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00PM to 9:30PM with occasional Saturday sessions. The minimum requirements for the program are to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. This program does not include an outside internship or externship. It does offer in classroom training and skills practice with training arms and equipment. The total cost of this program for phlebotomy training in Greensboro NC is $1,599 for tuition.

Priority Nursing Academy

2007 Yanceyville St
Suite 3319
Greensboro NC 27405

  • Cost: $1,200

Another available program is the phlebotomy class taught by Priority Nursing Academy. The minimum requirement is to have a GED or high school diploma. The program covers safety information, anatomy/physiology, lab analysis, medical terminology and blood draws. The total cost of the program is $1200 for tuition. The school also offers EKG training as a separate class for those that are interested

Carolina Allied Health Training LLC

175 Northpoint Avenue
Ste 112
High Point, NC 27262

  • Cost: $990
  • Length: 4 weeks

There is an option for phlebotomy certification near Greensboro through Carolina Allied Health Training LLC. This phlebotomy training in Greensboro NC costs $990. If you are looking to take the National Healthcare Association (NHA) examination for certification it will costs an additional $105. That includes tuition, CPR certification, First Aid training, textbooks and supplies. The program is four (4) weeks in total to complete. It is typically taught from 5PM to 9PM Monday through Thursday. There is usually a new session starting each month. The minimum requirements to enroll in the program are to have a high school diploma or GED.

Become a Certified Phlebotomist

Just because the state of North Carolina does not require phlebotomy certification does not mean you can’t become certified. The certification process typically involves completing phlebotomy training in Greensboro NC through a school of choice and taking a national examination. Ask each school if they offer a national certifying examination at the end of training.

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