Phlebotomy Training in Nevada

How to Become a Phlebotomist in Nevada

Phlebotomy training in Nevada is unique. Nevada is one of the few states that have regulations in place that require phlebotomy training and licensing through the state.  This means that you will need to complete phlebotomy training that satisfies state requirements. These state requirements will coincide with those expected of your future employer.

Phlebotomy Training in Nevada Licensing

Phlebotomists in Nevada are considered lab assistants and office assistants. Office lab assistants are recognized as those who work for a private practice professional. A lab assistant is a phlebotomist that works in an independent lab.  If you plan to work in one of these settings then you need to file an application with the State of Nevada. When filling out the form, select initial if you are a first time applicant. Fill out all personal information including name, social security, address, date of birth, employer, employer lab license number, laboratory address, and laboratory phone number. You will select the box that you are applying for a laboratory assistant for licensed labs. The fee is $60. Fill out the academic background and fill in work experience. Print out the form, attach a check for $60 made out to Nevada State Treasurer and attach proof of a high school diploma/ GED. Send all items to:

Nevada State Health Division
Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance
727 Fairview Drive, Suite E
Carson City, Nevada 89701

The fees are nonrefundable and all changes must be made in writing within thirty days.

Phlebotomy Training in Nevada Requirements

Map of cites to get phlebotomy training in Nevada
There are several programs for training in Reno and Las Vegas

If you do not have to get licensed through the State of Nevada, all you will need is phlebotomy training to get hired. Your training course of choice will likely require that:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Pass a Drug Test
  • Pass a Background Check
  • Complete Tuberculosis Test
  • Have a high school diploma or GED

Note: Your employer may require more extensive testing or training.

Where to Find Training

Training to become a phlebotomist is not required as

described above. If you want to get training there are several options in Nevada. The Las Vegas area has multiple options for students who live in Henderson County. You can also get training in Reno for those that live in northern Nevada. Other smaller programs are located throughout the state.

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  1. please did you tell me How long is the training and how much does a cost? Thank you

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      Phlebotomy training in the Las Vegas area costs anywhere from $700 at community colleges up to $4000 at private institutes. The average time to complete these programs is about 14 weeks. In Reno there are also a few community colleges that offer phlebotomy training.

  2. Can I transfer my phlebotomist license to Nevada?

  3. Does the State of Nevada require a phlebotomy certificate or a license to be a phlebotomist?

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      The state of Nevada does require a phlebotomy license to be a phlebotomist. A license can be acquired by filling out and submitting an application to Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

  4. I have a CPT1 (Califonia certified Phleb Tech) and a National Certificate (National Certified Phleb Tech) will these allow me to work in Nevada? Will these fulfill the requirements to get my Nevada Phleb license?

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      Yes those should allow you to get your Nevada phlebotomy license. You will just need to fill out the state application and pay any fees.

  5. I have been a phlebotomist for 10 years in another state and am planning to move to LV. Can I go right to work or do I need to be licensed?

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      You will need to be licensed. You will just need to fill out an application with the State of Nevada and pay a fee.

  6. Will a CNA license and a phlebotomy license transfer over to NV from UT?

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      A new license will need to be applied to in NV. Any certification you received from a national organization (NHA,ASCP, etc) should still be valid.

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