Phlebotomy Training in North Carolina

Learn About Phlebotomy Training in North Carolina

There is no current requirement to get phlebotomy training in North Carolina. You still will find great benefit from taking training. The job market over the past few years has gotten a little bit tougher as phlebotomists work past retirement. Most employers in North Carolina want to see a mix of experience and training. There are some phlebotomy training programs that offer the ability to get both through classroom learning and an externship.

Phlebotomy Training Requirements

Phlebotomy Training in North Carolina
There are several big cities that offer phlebotomy training in North Carolina.

There are requirements to enter most programs for phlebotomy training in North Carolina. The most basic requirement is to have a high school diploma or a GED. Students must also be at least 18 years of age before enrolling in most programs. There are several items that will also be required for more extensive programs. Some programs require that students take and pass a criminal background check. In some cases a drug test also needs to be passed. There are schools that need students to have all current vaccinations. Other schools will require students to have a doctor sign off that you are healthy enough to participate in training. Phlebotomy training will sometimes require proof of a physical as schools often require students to practice blood draws on each other.

Community Colleges

There are more requirements for phlebotomy training taught at community colleges. Most community colleges offering phlebotomy training in North Carolina will have more requirements than private schools. There are additional requirements that go along with the college. Most colleges want students to enroll in the school to start. After enrolling students have to take reading and math exams to determine college readiness. If you don’t pass then you will have to take a minimum amount of reading and math classes. Other prerequisites may also be need like anatomy/physiology, medical terminology, biology or chemistry.

Certification Opportunity

The State of North Carolina does not require phlebotomists to be certified. Employers do like phlebotomists to be certified through. Phlebotomists can become certified through several national organizations that offer certification for phlebotomists. A hiring manager at a hospital may like to see a certified phlebotomy applicant. Certification means that the phlebotomist completed a certain about of phlebotomy training. It also certifies that the phlebotomist completed a minimum amount of blood draws successfully. One of the more popular certifying agencies is the ASCP which stands for the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. There are also several other organizations that certifies phlebotomists and other laboratory related professionals.

Where to Find Training

There are usually several options for training in the larger cities of North Carolina. In some cases it may be beneficial to drive to get training nearby. Small towns will have fewer towns but most community colleges to offer some phlebotomy training. Programs for phlebotomy training in North Carolina can be found here:

Phlebotomy Training in Charlotte NC
Phlebotomy Training in Greensboro NC
Phlebotomy Training in Raleigh NC

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