Phlebotomy Training in San Antonio TX

Where to Find Phlebotomy Training in San Antonio TX

There is no need by law to take phlebotomy training in San Antonio TX. There is however a lot of benefit to taking phlebotomy training in Texas. It can give you an advantage in getting a job in a hospital, clinic or laboratory as a phlebotomist if you have completed phlebotomy training. If phlebotomy training is completed, there may also be an ability to complete a national certification. A training program and a certification can greatly increase the chances of getting a job.

What Programs are Available

Phlebotomy Training in San Antonio TX
Phlebotomy Training in San Antonio TX

There are several programs that are available to those looking for phlebotomy training in San Antonio TX. There are currently two options in the immediate city of San Antonio. There are additional options for those who are willing to drive. Austin is about an hour away and has several other options for phlebotomy training for those that are willing to make the drive. There are phlebotomy training program are offered through Lamson Institute, St. Philip’s College and Kaplan College.

Comparison of San Antonio Phlebotomy Schools
Programs Lamson Institute
St. Philip’s College
Kaplan College
Central Texas Phlebotomy Institute Southwest Phlebotomy Certifications L.L.C.
Cost $14,892 $2,000 $9,837  $410 $300
Length 34-38 Weeks 16 Weeks N/A  Two Days  Two Days
Externship Yes Yes N/A No No
Diploma/GED N/A Yes Yes  N/A  N/A
18 Years N/A Yes Yes  N/A  N/A
Note: Program structure, offerings and requirements may be different than what is shown on this page. Please contact us if changes need to be made.

Lamson Institute

5819 Northwest Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78238

There is one program for phlebotomy training in San Antonio that is offered through Lamson Institute. The program is a bit more expensive than other options in the area. The total cost of tuition, books and supplies comes out to about $14,892. This program is unique as it allows students to become an EKG technician, a laboratory assistant or a phlebotomist. The cross training allows students who finish the program to become more marketable to employers. Those who complete the course will have the ability to site for a national examination that allows students to become certified. There is also a medical assistant program available.

The total program takes about 38 weeks to complete and requires approximately 760 hours in total. There seven modules that each take up 80 hours a piece. There is also a career development class that is 40 hours in length. The program concludes with a 160 hour externship course that allows you to gain hands on experience. Those who seek to fast track the program, may be able to complete it in as little as 34 weeks.

St. Philip’s College

1801 M. L. King Drive
San Antonio, TX 78203

Another option for phlebotomy training in San Antionio TX is through St. Philip’s College. This program is offered. There are some requirements for admission. Students must pass a background check as well as a drug screen. There is also a requirement to have all immunizations up to date and to have proof of health insurance. The total program takes about 196 hours to complete. It is made up of two courses. The first section is offered on Saturdays from 8:00AM to 4:00PM in a format that covers all of the basic information and skill basics. The second is a clinical where students will get hands on training by being placed at a local hospital or clinic for experience. The clinical class is taught from 6:30AM to 3:00PM Monday through Friday. The program is very competitive and only 20 students are allowed the program each semester. The program in total is 16 weeks in length. The program tuition cost will be based on the number of units taken at the college. The next class begins August 28, 2014 to Oct 18, 2014.

There is also medical laboratory technician program that is available for those looking to work more in a laboratory setting. This is a good option for those who want more training or want to work as a laboratory technician. Laboratory technician jobs may also have the benefit of higher pay. This laboratory technician program is longer in length and takes 24 months to complete. It covers all of the courses in the basic phlebotomy training. It also covers biology and chemistry. This program requires all of the above requirements. Students must also complete class prerequisites of algebra and anatomy/physiology. The cost of this program is equal to the cost of the units plus a $700 special program fee.

Kaplan College

7142 San Pedro Avenue, Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78216

*No current offerings for training at this time

This program allows students to become both phlebotomy and EKG technician certified. The phlebotomy certification is offered through the American Medical Technologists and EKG certification is made through the National Association for Health Professionals. This program for phlebotomy training in San Antonio Tx teaches anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, safety handling, skin punctures and venipunctures. The basic requirements for this program are to have at least a GED or high school diploma. The total cost of the program is approximately $9,837 and includes both tuition and supplies.

Central Texas Phlebotomy Institute

113 S. River Street, Suite 202
Seguin, TX 78155

There is a single weekend program for phlebotomy training in San Antonio through Central Texas Phlebotomy Institute. The total time of instruction is about 18 hours over a two day period. At the end of the program students are awarded a certification of completion. The cost of this program is about $410 for tuition, textbooks and supplies. A $160 deposit is required to hold a spot in the class. Uniform requirements include closed toed shoes and shorts with either scrubs or a short sleeved shirt.

Southwest Phlebotomy Certifications L.L.C.

Class Locations Vary

Another two day class option is through Southwest Phlebotomy Certifications L.L.C. The costs of this program is about $300 and a seat can be reserved with a $100 deposit. There is an opportunity to take a certification examination at the end of the program for about $100. Students only need to bring basic supplies like paper and pens. Students must wear closed toed shoes, pants and a short sleeve shirt. Scrubs will also work as well. Registration for the class begins at 7:00 on the first day.


There are many things to take into consideration before choosing a program for your phlebotomy training. Phlebotomy training can be a great way to get more experience and move up in the medical field, especially if you are a medical assistant or CNA. If you are looking for a streamlined and basic phlebotomy training program then the program through Philip’s College is a good choice. Those looking for a more extensive program can choose the program offered through Lamson Institute. Those looking to become a medical laboratory technician may want to consider the program through Philip’s College. The total cost of the program is also important. The Philip’s college phlebotomy training in San Antonio TX is much less in total cost than that of Kaplan College or Lamson Institute.

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