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Students looking to become a phlebotomist in Stockton will need to consider phlebotomy training in Stockton CA . The State of California requires that phlebotomist have the proper training and experience in order to become licensed. The typical phlebotomist hired in Stockton will only need a CPT I certification.

Available Programs

Map of Schools for Phlebotomy Training in Stockton CA
Locations of Classes for Phlebotomy Training in Stockton CA

There are currently only two options for phlebotomy training in Stockton CA. There is a program offered through Kaiser Permanente and is very difficult to gain entrance into for phlebotomy training. Another program is at San Joaquin Delta College. There are also several options that are nearby. There are four options for phlebotomy training in Modesto CA. Modesto is about a 30 mile drive away and takes about 30 minutes.There are also four other options for phlebotomy training in Sacramento.Those looking for a program in Sacramento can expect a 50 minute and 50 mile one way drive.

San Juaquin Delta College

5151 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95207

Cost: $2,895
Length: 9 weeks

There was a program for phlebotomy training offered through San Juaquin Delta College. The Delta College is trying to negotiate a new contract to have this program provided in the future. At this time however, there are not any new students being admitted.

This program was offered in a nine week format on Saturdays only. Classes were generally from 9:00AM to 4:30PM. The total cost of the program was $2,895 for tuition, books, equipment and fees. The program allowed students to get their Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT 1) certification. The total classroom time was 64 hours with an additional 40 hour externship available. Students who enroll in this program had to be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma/GED when they enrolled in the program. There were additional requirement that had to be met before starting the externship. This included having a current CPR card. Student also had to get a physical exam completed and have a TB test passed.

KP School of Allied Health Sciences

612 East Magnolia Street
Stockton, CA 95202

Cost: $2,942.50
Length: 320 Hours

The only phlebotomy training program actually offered in Stockton CA is the program offered through Kaiser Permanente. This program is offered in 320 hour format. This includes 80 hours of didactic training that is currently taught Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9AM to 5PM. This didactic training portion goes through the basic for phlebotomy training including medical terminology, handling procedures, anatomy and physiology. The next portion is an on site practicum of 80 hours that runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9AM to 5PM. In this practicum portion students learn the proper specimen withdrawal techniques, how to handle specimens and proper labeling.  The program caps off with a 160 hour clinical externship running Monday through Friday for 4 weeks. Those who pass the entire program will be allow to take an approved certification examination and allow students to become CPT I certified. Students that graduate and then earn an additional 1050 hours of experience may be able to get a CPT II just by completing 22 arterial punctures. It is important to note that this CPT II certification will require a new application through the State of California.

This program for phlebotomy training in Stockton CA is very competitive. There are only eight total spots available per class. Those that want to be considered for admission should complete are requirements. There are a number of educational requirements from college level courses required to be admitted to this phlebotomy training in Stockton CA. Students must have high school transcripts or proof of a GED sent to the program coordinator along with college transcripts showing a minimum of 12 units. There must be a current BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR card from the American Heart Association. There must be documentation of the proper immunizations. There must be immunization records for Hepatitis B, Measles, Varicella, and Tetanus. A complete physical examination completed in the past 12 months must be submitted along with a TB test. There is also a Wonderlic test required to be completed to test cognitive ability. The total cost of the program is $2,942.50. This amount includes $2,200 for tuition, $500 for lab fees, $25 for handling, examination fees of $120, a state application fee of $90 and other fees of $7.50. There may be additional costs for uniforms and books. This program is now accepting applicants for the Winter program. The deadline is October 18th.

How to Choose a Phlebotomy Training Program

There are not many option for phlebotomy training in Stockton CA. For those considering phlebotomy training in neighboring cities, there are many considerations. It is important to consider the tuition cost, the program requirements and program structure. Students should research all of their options before choosing a program for phlebotomy training in Stockton CA or nearby.

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  1. I am just wondering if I have my CMA if that shortens the class time for me? Or iff not with your school, is there somewhere else I could go to complete my phlebotomy training?

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      If you have your CMA, you must have over 1040 hours of experience to waiver the basic course. You would still need to complete 20 hours of advanced phlebotomy training however. You also need to see if you have documented experience for venipunctures and skin punctures as those can waiver some externship requirements.

      Stockton only offers phlebotomy training through Kaiser. You will need to drive to Modesto to complete your phlebotomy training if you are looking to use your experience as a substitue for some of the phlebotomy training. CMI College in Modesto is the best option if you already have experience.

  2. I am in my 2nd semester of nursing school. I believe this would count for equivelent training. I would like to get my phlebotomist cert. How much trainig and time would that take? Thanks!

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot


      To get a phlebotomy certification you will still need some training in California. In California you will want to have a CPT1 certification. This requires 40 hours of training and proof of 50 venipunctures and 10 skin punctures. The hours and venipunctures can be reduced with prior phlebotomy experience. Unfortunately RN training does not substitute unless you worked with real patients drawing blood.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks,

  3. Hi
    My daughter is interested in the program and she’s interested in taking the course at Stockton, CA. She graduated from high school two years ago. She has more than 12 units of college credit. She needs to take the BLS and CPR training. I was wondering if this needs to be completed before she submits application or during the process of her getting the certification. Also are there scholarships involved or student loans that she can apply for.

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      There may be some student loans opportunities available. The winter session is now enrolling too through Oct 18th. Please call the number listed above for more information.

  4. I just received my CNA licensed through Sacramento job corps and trying to further it by this jump into phlebotomy. i was wondering what the step by step process on the enrollment and on the payment plan for the classes.

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      The first step will be to take a phlebotomy class. Most phlebotomy classes train students to become what is known as Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1 (CPT 1) licensed. You will need to find one of these programs near you. Each program will feature different payment options, loans and scholarships. In Stockton there are currently two different programs offered in the area. The first is through San Juaquin Delta College and the second is through Kaiser. There are also more programs available in the Sacramento area. The second step is to complete one of these programs and take a certifying examination. After you have passed the training program and the exam you will will apply to the State of California for your license.

  5. I have no prior training or schooling in the med field. Am I eligible to take the phlebotomy course?

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      Most phlebotomy classes and programs do not require that you have prior medical experience. Some do ask that you have a BLS CPR card but that is the extent of the medical experience required.

  6. So I hear that Delta college is no longer accepting students for their Phlebotomy Classes and that there will no longer be a class offered there. Is that so?

    • Phlebotomy Training Spot

      You are correct. This program for phlebotomy training in Stockton is not admitting new students at this time. Delta College is looking to reestablish the program in the future but have not yet secured a contract.

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