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Phlebotomy Training in Florida

Requirements for Phlebotomy Training in Florida There are no current state requirement to get phlebotomy training in Florida. It is still a good idea to get training though. The job market for phlebotomists in Florida is still strong. There is a look of growth potential and jobs opening each year. However it is still necessary to have the right amount of training and experience.to get hired. Typical Requirements for Programs There are typically a range of requirements for each program. Certain programs will require more than others. A community college will generally require more than private schools and institutes. There are general requirements for a private school program for phlebotomy training in Florida. This includes being at least 18 years old. Students must also have high school diploma or GED. Students taking a program with an externship will have more requirements. Students will have to have vaccinations like Hepatitis B. A TB test is also required. Background checks are usually needed as well. In some cases a school will require that students have medical insurance while enrolled. Community Colleges Community colleges typically require students to apply to the community college first. Most community colleges do not have any admissions selection. This means that anybody that applies can enroll with the school. The community college will require a general application to apply. This application will include basic information such as name and address. The next step is to take any necessary tests. Most community colleges require English and math tests. Students need to take these to see if they meet the minimum English and math levels for the school. If they do not then they may need to take an English or math class before starting phlebotomy classes. There are more requirements for those enrolled in a community college program for phlebotomy training in Florida. Similar to a private school, students often need more requirements if they enroll in an externship. These include having a criminal background check completed. A TB test is usually required too. Students will also have to have all immunizations up to date. There may be a requirement for medical insurance. Getting certified The state of Florida does not certify phlebotomists. Phlebotomists can still get certified through a nationally known program. The most well known is the American Society for Clinical Pathology program. There are many other programs that certify students after phlebotomy training. In some cases a program for phlebotomy training in Florida might even offer the examination for the national license at the school. Students will also have to show proof of blood draws. Places to Get Training Training programs may be more prevalent in big cities throughout the state. Area like Orlando will have several choices. Other area like Gainesville will be more limited with options.A list of schools that have phlebotomy training are here: Phlebotomy Training in Gainesville Phlebotomy Training in Jacksonville Phlebotomy Training in Orlando FL Phlebotomy Training in Tampa FL It may be necessary to drive to nearby cities and schools to get the training at the price and time needed. If it is only for a few months then a small drive can be manageable. You should remember that there are also externships that can be done closer to where you live if permitted by the school. Check with each school to find a schedule that works best. Get Your Degree! Find schools and get information on the program that’s right for you. Powered by Campus Explorer

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